Over Peacock

Peacock, opgericht in 1987, heeft meer dan 30 jaar ervaring met het leasen van ISO-tanks. Wij zijn particulier eigendom en beheren een vloot van 4.500 ISO-tanks voor vloeistoffen en gassen. Deze tanks worden verhuurd aan klanten die actief zijn in gerelateerde markten

  • Petro-chemicaliën

  • Eten en drinken

  • Distributie en logistiek

  • Olie en gas

  • Infrastructuur en energie

  • Industriële gassen

Through our offices in Singapore and Rotterdam we serve a broad base of customers which include large Petro chemical producers, oil majors and nearly all global iso tank operators.

Peacock’s team includes 10 people and is well experienced, highly educated yet still one of the youngest in the industry. We enjoy being innovative and different to find new and sustainable solutions for our customers. (Please have a look at our heating case study). Through our global contacts with agents, depots and surveyors we have created a network which benefits our customers on daily business.

Beside a clear focus on operational efficiencies for our customers we are very much aware about our corporate social responsibilities within the chemical and food stuff supply chains. We therefore continuously try to reinvent our self to improve sustainability and safe working.


Why Peacock

  • 30 years of proven experience in ISO tank leasing: although one of the youngest within the industry, Peacock’s team members have on average more than 10 years’ experience and have degrees in Chemical Engineering, Commerce and Finance.

  • Full ownership of the fleet: we own all the tanks in our fleet so decisions are quickly made and do not need authorization from third party investors

  • Simple and flat structure: Peacock is privately owned and has a flat organizational structure improving decision making. We like to keeps things simple and aim to be hands-on if it comes to communications, operations and service.



1. Fleet Management

We can manage your ISO tank container fleet so you can focus on your core business and
save costs. With a global network of depots and surveyors we can take an active role in
overseeing the maintenance and periodical tests of the tanks you lease or own.

We have been (successfully) managing fleets of several oil majors and top 10 global chemical companies in different areas over the world.

Our fleet management program focuses on three services:

  • Advisory on equipment, product suitability, and improving sustainability within your
    tank fleet

  • Day to day operational support to increase efficiencies, reduce costs and improve
    safe working

  • Ad-hoc support in case of urgencies

Please feel free to contact any of our team members for further information about our fleet management services.

2. Fleet & Supply Chain optimization

In the recent years we have successfully assisted many of our customers in optimizing their supply chain. By sharing knowledge about the equipment and by using a broad network of operators, forwarders, depots and surveyors we can:

Reduce your

  • carbon footprint

  • demurrage costs

Optimize your

  • on-side logistics

  • equipment capacities

Increase your

  • supply chain transparency

  • process efficiencies

Improve your

  • turnaround times

  • safe working

Please feel free to contact any of our team members for further information about our fleet & supply chain optimization possibilities.

3. Off-hire Management Service & Equipment insurance

Regardless of the period leased there will always be repair costs when the tank is returned to the depot for off-hire. Gaskets need to be replaced, the steam system has to be checked and damages need to be repaired up to an industry standard (ITCO) before the tank can be leased to the next customer.

However, as we understand that no one likes a surprise at end we therefore:

  • Choose to inform our customers about the lease process before the lease

  • To be clear what costs are included and what costs are excluded in the
    lease (and have to be paid at off-hire)

  • choose to inform our customers out the lease process before the lease starts

  • to be clear what costs are included and what costs are excluded in the lease (and have to be paid at off-hire).

  • Only to work with renowned independent surveyors and repair depots to guarantee full transparency

To further lower your off-hire costs exposure we can offer our:

  • Off-hire Management Service which further increases transparency and offers a
    package tailor made to your business which is ideal for budgeting purposes

  • Unique equipment insurance which insures damages caused during the lease of the container caused by mishandling by shipping lines, rail operators or trucking companies

Please feel free to contact any of our team members for more information about our Off-hire Management Service and Equipment Insurance.

4. Engineering Solutions


Industries & Markets

1. Chemicals

Sustainability, safety and efficiency are the core values of the chemical supply chain. Leveraging 30 years of experience in ISO tank leasing Peacock’s business is focused on these values. Our ISO tank fleet complies to all applicable international regulations and we continuously aim to improve our service and innovate our fleet. A few examples:

  • Our new composite Swap Body tanks are 40% lighter compared to stainless steel tanks and therefor able to load up to 10% more product lowering the carbon foot print

  • We continuously add new features to our tanks such as real time telematics to increase supply chain transparency and ground operated airlines and handrails to improve safe working

  • Peacock corporates with leading global universities to optimize ISO tank operations. Studies like our heating project increases understanding of the heating process of an ISO tank, reducing turnaround time and saving costs for our customers.

Have a look at our Standard full spec tanks, swap body and special tanks for more information


2. Food Stuffs

From editable oils, food grade ethanol and fructose to drinking water, beer and chocolate. We have a dedicated fleet of standard tanks, swap bodies and special tanks only used for liquid food stuff products.

Strict hygienic processes and regulations are followed to guarantee the highest quality. If needed we supply kosher and halal certified tanks. Further tailored specifications such as electrical heating, cooling, increased insulation and real time telematics can be offered to fit your business

Have a look at our standardswap body, and specialized tanks which we offer for Food grade products


3. Distribution and Logistics

It is all about finding the right balance between the highest payload and maximum flexibility. This is a complex formula including weight road limitations, transport modalities used, specific gravities of the products and empty movement reduction. Peacock’s team is geared for these business cases and our fleet is tailored to offer the optimal tank needed. During the design and manufacture we focus on weights, operational efficiencies such as baffle plates, heating capacity, insulation value and safety features like ground operated handrails and airlines.

Have a look at our standard tanks and swap body’s for the most ideal storage and logistics solution


4. Infrastructure, Mining and Energy

When transporting high volumes of liquids or gases to remote area’s for infrastructure projects, mining, or energy supply, Peacock’s bitumen, special or gas tanks are an ideal solution. Robust and dedicated for the products to be carried, these tanks are low in maintenance, flexible in use and offer optimal payload performance.

Have a look at our SpecialBitumen and Gas tanks to find out what we can offer


5. Gases

Over the recent years the capacity of gas tanks has increased significantly due to improved designs and building standards. With a young fleet, Peacock’s gas tanks therefore offer optimal payload solutions for transporting or storing of compressed gases. We offer tanks suitable for:

  • Flammable gases like propane and LPG used for cooking or heating

  • Propellants (aerosols) used by the cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical industry within cans for deodorant, whipped cream and asthma inhalers

  • Refrigerant gases used in air conditioners and freezing equipment

  • Industrial gases such as ammonia anhydrous which is a raw material for the production of fertilizers

Have a look at our Gas tanks to see the various types and options we offer.